Honey, let’s start over: A tale of business kaikaku

When Ian told them what he’d done, they couldn’t believe their ears. He had what!? He had erased every document in the company database concerning hiring and retaining staff. Joan’s deep thoughts on “talent management” simply gone. Gone! “Hey, what about the backups?”, Helen asked. Ian just smiled, “Those too”.

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Learnings at Work in 2011

2011 was a good year for me as a software development consultant in Stockholm. I terminated my long-running contract at a major nordic bank before the summer holidays. This turned out to be very timely, since just after that, work in the project was severely cut back.

Around that time I got a new contract with one of Sweden’s biggest travel companies as a “BDD coach”, which basically turned out to mean XP coaching and Scrum mastering together. It has been great fun and will continue into 2012. This assignment does not entail much programming but still lots of challenges. I am quite thankful for the switch and especially the timing.

This post is a summary of some of the things that I have observed and learned during this last year. Some of the things I knew before, but have been confirmed again. Other insights were new to me. Most of the things I mention are not technical in nature, because I think that would be less entertaining to read about.

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