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Dear Reader,

This blog is a collection of articles, mostly on software development. There might also be some stuff about owning your own business, golf or running, but those items are exceptions. My name is Joakim Manding Holm and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

My background: I have been doing software development since 1994. I have a Master in CS, but I started out my career as a project manager. In January 1999 I switched to development and consulting and I haven’t looked back since. In 2005 I started my own business, Terrier Software. I had a beloved terrier when I was a child, hence the name. Around that time I started this blog as well. In April 2009 I co-founded a consultancy company called Adaptiv Sthlm AB. If you are interested in contacting me for professional services, you’ll find my contact information there.

I am interested in the field of software development as a whole. It find it inspiring because it is such a young, creative and unique field. My speciality is Lean/Agile methods, including hands-on, developer practices like TDD/BDD, refactoring, and evolutionary design. I’ve also drifted into systems thinking, leadership, organizational change, and coaching.

I mostly write in English, but older articles are in Swedish.

Thanks for stopping by!

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